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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Remembering The Fear

The uncertainty and fear that comes hand and in hand with being a parent of a Type 1 diabetic child is something we become comfortable living with daily. It was not until today that I was taken back to those early days. Scheduling a sleep over for Grayson for the weekend, the mother of Graysons friend said she would love to have him sleep over at their house but she was scared she might not know what to do at night. She felt a little bad that Grayson has always had his friend over at our hose and that they had never had him over for an overnight stay. But I get it and I am happy and fortunate that Grayson has such a close friend. It really is no problem where the boys sleep as long as they get to spend this time together.

I discussed with her, if she was interested, in learning how to make the situation more comfortable, I would help come up with a plan for a night time sleep over - Grayson's midnight blood sugar testing and if he has a low in the night. I have been faced with this already and have several options that work for Grayson and the family he is sleeping over with. There is always a way. But it is important that we remember the uncertainty and fear - even though we accept it and are comfortable with it now - understanding others apprehensiveness is important. It is also an open avenue to spread Type1 awareness and a method for open dialog!

Like I said - there is always a way!

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