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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Graysons First Sleep Over

Last night I heard nothing but Usher, Survivor, Katy Perry and 2 boys singing, yelling and dancing around upstairs. The NanoBugs were out and the party was on! Grayson had never had a sleep over until last night and William was the lucky dude. They were nonstop! I had to do a site change before bed - well around 9pm - actually bed time was much later as the 2 of them chatted away into the late night!

The next step will be Grayson sleeping over at a friends house. This will require a bit more planning because the midnight check never goes away.... even though Grayson really has been accepting more responsibility with remembering to test and dose on his own. However, the midnight checks he can not do. See how diabetes can turn something so simple and enjoyable as a kids sleep over into a complicated event. I will worry all night and the parents will have to accept a different level of awareness of diabetes that they have not had to deal with before - they will be on guard all night. Its not just the midnight checks and how to give a correction bolus but also if Grayson wakes with a low blood sugar at any point during the night or if the site comes out - so many things. Worrying is what I do. Grayson just looks forward to the day when he can spend the night at a friends house - simple.

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