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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Midnight Checks

If you have a child with diabetes you are all too familar with the midnight blood sugar checks. Glenn usually can stay up later and does the checks but when he is away on business I take over. It is so hard to get up and check him every night but the results of going 10 +hours without checking could be very bad. Grayson does not even wake when we prick his finger anymore. We have also been very fortunate that he wakes up when he is low and comes to tell us. Many diabetics can not feel this at night, consequently having a low during the night can be very dangerous. However, Grayson can not tell when he has a high blood sugar and our only indication is frequent urination at night. If we hear him up and about running to the bathroom, we start to suspect and test. He usually runs high at night anyway and requires a bolus of insulin to get him to morning in the normal range. Sleep deprivation stinks!

I also wonder how this will affect him when he is older and off living on his on - I know this is a long way off but I am a mother and am entitled to worry about the future a bit! I know some mothers at the JDRF Moms Support Group Meetings have voiced concerns about sending their kids off to college. I understand completely. I also know that just to send Grayson to a sleep over at a friends house is such an enormous responsiblitiy for the parents and wonder how this will ever happen..........