"Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving." (Albert Einstein)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tales From The PigTail 17

June 25 - The Place north of Pinedale to Atlantic City (113 miles) - A typical end of the day for me these days - I am at the bar in Atlantic City begging for food and drinking! The cook was still here and he is cooking me a steak, potatoes, beans and bread! I am in heaven and may not leave! This is the kind of bar, with country music playing loud, a local couple dancing in the corner, and an animal head hanging on the wall, that is very western. I am thankful to be sitting in a chair, not moving or bumping around and not fighting mosquitoes! I am thankful for sure!!! Another beer for sure, bring it on! Tomorrow is the start of the Great Divide Basin. I made it to Pinedale for breakfast, resupplied and booked it out of town. It was a Linkin Park and Papa Roach kind of day! It was beautiful but giant rollers made me work hard all day! Also, a biker’s worst nightmare - a road grader was some miles ahead of me - I caught him and at a whopping 7.5 mph, passed him - I was triumphant! Antelope were everywhere, running alongside me sometimes because they never know which way to go! Cattle and sheep scattered all over the landscape! I will sleep like a baby tonight with a full tummy! The bartender just told me Michael Jackson and Farraw Fawcet died today - this is the only news I have heard in 13 days! I will say this is definitely the toughest thing I have done and I even cried today! But it is experiences like this and meeting the people I have meet and their kindness that I am enjoying! Bike on!
Girls I have a diet for you! No gimmicks or hidden details! You can eat whatever you want and however much you want! You can eat until you never want to eat again and lose weight! It is called the tour divide diet! Do what you like and ride your mountain bike all day!